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Oriental belly dance courses - Complements for dancing

Costumes, make-up and symbols   

Every occassion depends on dancer’s courage and elegance. The aim is having a sence of self – confidence, temptation, tenderness and don’t forget on women’s symbols in the dance. The typical symbols for oriental dance are costumes which are colourfull. There is prefered especially red, yellow, golden colour… The necessary complement for oriental dancing is tinkling belt decorated with coins for clouthes or beautiful jewells which are decorations for our parts of body.
Another important thing for dancer’s performance is make-up and a hair-style. Mainly we can see dancers with long hair. If the dancer doesn’t wear long hair, there exit a lot of efective manners how to give a comfortable style of dancing and how to keep the traditions for oriental dance. For example artificial long hair.
Make-up should be determined for night, delicated and tempting. In an oriental dance eyes are the main symbol. In the countyside dancers put make-up „kohla“; in the city they combinate a variety of make-up.