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Oriental Belly Dance - Belly Dance Courses

Except of the estetical aim which belongs to the oriental belly dance there is a lot of reasons why begin with dancing!

Oriental belly dance is a healthy manner how to keep your stamina fit. If you have some healthy problems, in a very short time, you will recognize that this dance helps you with improving and it serves as a rehabilitation, too.
It brings down back ache, superfluous fats. It is a kind of convalescence after extremities fractures or even it is a therapeutic kind after some injuries.
Women who want to expect a baby have a super opportunity. They consolidate abdominal muscles, they learn how to breathe in a correct way and they will know how to work their belly muscles and it becomes an automatic thing for them. 
Then they will make their pregnancy and birth easier.
In many cases women who couldn’t have a baby, suddenly their life has changed because an oriental belly dance helped them as a doctor without operations…
Oriental dance is for European countries and for many continents except of Asia and Africa unusuall kind of sports which is connected with relaxing and amusement. It started to be a modern wave of dancing in Europe. Why don’t be in? And why don’t have a higher quality of private or professional life? Everything depends on us how we spend our spare time!

      Which good things does the oriental belly dance bring?

Except of the good things such improving your stamina, make good proportions of your body, superfluousing fats, especially in the problematic parts of body. For example: belly, thighs, buttocks... The another side it serves you the estetical way of dancing.

Oriental dance is different from modern or social dancing. It is a kind of culture which we haven't had any opportunity to recognize it, yet. Women learns there how their body works. They will get new experiences. It is like a fit - centre without equipments - the only one is your body and its working. In a short time you will learn new figures which you can use in dancing. You will dance a nice choreography which we call: oriental belly dance.


      - Sample of dance music

     - Sample of dance music