Profesionální škola orientálního tance Muna & Language Centre Muna

Language Centre Muna

Language courses for groups and for companies

Muna is a professional teacher. She offers studying languages in courses in companies.

Except of the Czech language, her mother tongue is Arabic.

She studied English, then she successfuly passed the international exams and finally sherecieved diploma from the Cambridge University in Great Britain.        Zizkov

Manners and aims of the courses:

  • Teaching is guaranteed by high professionality after big experiences of teaching in the best companies in the country.
  • Excerpt of teaching the English language, Muna also trachea Arabic and Czech language for foreigners!
  • Muna teaches mainly in her centre of her copany in Prague, but also in companies if they request suitable course in its place.
  • In one year is taught more than 2.000 lessons and about 150 students per semester.
  • It is a kind of clients´ specializations for successful passing exams.
  • These courses are excellent for improving students´and peoples´ language knowledges. It prepares them to another kind of studying.
  •  The language courses are determined for every age and all languages´ levels.
  • In every group, there are at most only 6. students.
  • The most important thing is an advantage price for luxorious professionality and high level of teaching!!!                                                                                     

Dear clients and business partners, the soon you fill the reservation´s form the best!

      International languages are our professional and social way especially in EU!!!

LANGUAGE CENTRE MUNA offers these language for teaching:



( * To realize Arabic lessons, there must be ordered at least 5. clients - lessons are led to the knowledge of basic words, simple sentences and interesting things concerning to Arabian culture).

The price list: 

The price list will be told for interested parties. The price is affected by clients´ demands.

Prices are very advantage especially for students! Children have big discounts!!!

The language courses at the seaside are booked at appointed terms!

It is a new method how to learn languages in groups and team work. Join a new kind of studying which is connected with relaxing!!!