Oriental Belly Dance Courses


Muna has danced since her childhood. She has danced an oriental dance as a folklore in her native exotic country -in Syria, where she was born. Her full name  is: Muna Al Muchantaf

Muna leads oriental belly dance courses in Prague in groups of 10-15 women. Also she offers individual classes.

Courses are led in a very professional way. Women in these courses should relax in a very comfortable place where they start to have full sense of self-consciousness.´The owner of the dancing studio is Muna by herself.

Every woman has an exceptional beauty on her own and with oriental dance she should know her secrets.

Don´t hesitate to invite Muna to any country in the world to your workshop!


Do you ask what does this exotic name mean?
The answer is very simple, this name means:
„Everything what would you wish“
 This sentence is similar to Muna’s manners of teaching and her style of dancing.