Oriental belly dance courses - Let´s join us

                                     Let's join us


                                  Oriental belly dance is determined for

All women from all ages and every weight category. Then  women before pregnancy will be learned how to dance in a professional way because of health situations. Another group is for women who want to dance and improve their health, condition of body or women who have problems with self-confidence.
These things they will learn in our oriental courses and what’s more - they will improve their life with a cultural experience. They can dance only for relaxing or for improving their private and professional life.

Exception of these courses and web pages

  • You can dance with a native oriental belly dancer!
  • Except of dancing you will find new cultural experiences.                                                         
  • Regularly you will be informed about news and interesting things.
  • You will have a chance to dance at the seaside with an oriental belly dance.
  • Courses at the seaside are determined for beginners, too!
  • You will learn a lot of interesting things about oriental courses, exotic habits..
  • Information about performance, seminaries, weekends outside of Prague, information about seaside dancing!
  • And what’s more? These web pages are the first billingual oriental pages which you can read in Czech and English!
  • There are the first oriental belly dance courses which are led in the English language for foreign clients!
  • The only condition for realization these courses in English are international British or American certificates and 100% knowledge of the English language!
If you want to order Muna´s performance, workshop or if you would like to join our courses, please use e-mail.

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